Landscape and System Analysis

We perform landscape and systems analyses for external and internal organizational needs.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting

We help organizations come up with effective DEI policies and analyze their existing policies.

Survey Design, Conduction, and Analyis

We design, conduct, and analyze survey data for your organization.

Workshops and Facilitation

We design and facilitate workshops, courses, and charrettes with outside experts virtually and in person for your organization.

Data Science

Conducting statistical analyses and collecting and processing quantitative data to help your organization make data informed decisions.

Focus Groups

We design and conduct focus groups for internal and external stakeholders.

NLP Analysis

We can take large amount of text files from your organization to summarize and find key insights for decision making and analysis.

Qualitative Interview Studies

We design and conduct research interviews to collect data and insights for your organization.

Interactive Web Artifacts

We make professional data visualizations, interactive maps, interactive worksheets, and more artifacts for your organization.