KTLN Consulting

We are a POC and women-owned boutique consulting firm of interdisciplinary researchers, focused on research, education, communication, and broader projects at the intersection of STEM, policy, and equity.

Themes of our work...

  • Environmental and climate justice
  • Climate innovation
  • Ethical funding and granting
  • Equity-centered research
  • Emerging technologies
  • Environmental policy analysis
  • Organizational change
  • Theory to practice of equity and justice principles

Methods we use...

  • Surveys
  • Multimodal data analysis
  • Interviews
  • Internal and external literature review
  • Landscape analysis
  • Organizational theory
  • Facilitated focus groups
  • Educational workshops
  • Systems analysis
  • Project management
  • Data visualization
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Graphic design

What we ultimately provide...

  • White papers
  • Policy memos
  • Internal and external research publications
  • Research tools
  • Educational tools, workshops, interactive materials, curriculum design
  • Scientific and technical communications
  • Mentorship and training
  • Project design, management, and implementation

Who we work with...

We partner with organizations large and small–from community based organizations (CBOs) to Big Greens. Our partners are US based and international.

We partner with organizations interested in using research, education, and communication to advance their organizational goals at the intersection of STEM, policy, and equity.